Our company’s services includes group of activities:

Electric and Lighting

Procida provides electrical services and solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

Catering Services

Procida provides catering services to construction companies, commercial sectors, oil & gas and petroleum companies based on ISO 22000 Standards.

Fencing and Security

At Precision Fencing and Construction, we provide the best possible service the fence industry has to offer.

Earth Works

Procida provides all type of construction work related to earth and soils.

Water Supply

Water well drilling, using a range of drilling rigs for water well drilling and refurbishment including large diameter wells.

Humanitarian activities

Procida has outstanding capabilities in achieving humanitarian activities with high quality standards related to relief programs.

Storage Capacity

Procida possesses 15 fuel reservoirs each at 100,000 lit, this makes a storage capacity of 1.5 million lit.


Procida is fully able to transport safely to any destination with taking into account the weather, quantity, time, etc.

Oil & Gas Services

Kurdistan Region of Iraq has attracted tens of petroleum companies from the worldwide.


Procida Construction Co. strives to meet the Customer’s.